6 Impossible Things


A unique collaboration between internationally renowned companies Avanti and Artizani, well-known for their work on the World Festival circuit, “6” delivers a mixture of real science and pseudo magic or should that be the other way round?  

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6 Impossible Things is a performance that unites film makers, sculptors, taxidermists and magicians in a comedy-theatrical-spectacular. Two experienced performers keep audiences guessing with an exceptional show which also stars the creations of this exceptional group of artists. Full of bizarre twists and turns they present a magic carpet ride to a topsy turvy world where nothing is as it seems. And, most marvellous of all, demonstrate that it’s the same old world that we wake up to day after day. 
Whilst amazing the audience with magic, daring and 6 literally impossible things, the story then takes us deeper into a world where science meets entertainment. Even your hosts are not quite sure what’s going on, are these cheap tricks or science and ‘just what did happened that night in Grimsby’ when things started to go weirdly wrong?
Anyone who has seen Avanti or Artizani on the festival circuit will know what to expect, for the rest why not come along and see 6 impossible things and one you rather wish you hadn’t!

Artizani:          “...the years of experience and the highly tuned skill shows most in the lightness of it all – he makes it look like anyone could do it, but in truth few can perform with such assurance, or entertain so well...”       Total Theatre Magazine

Avanti:            “We are laughing helplessly, most of us, at the sheer bloody cheek of it, the daft logic, the wit, the invention and the humanity...it is a beautiful moment.”          Cath Staincliffe
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