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Other shows available:

This “Street Boat” is based on an 8ft clinker-built skiff and carries two hilarious and eccentric characters into your event. The Shipwrecked Captain and Boatswain’s Mate have been adrift since 1786 and are more than a little confused!
Farmer Giles
Farmer Giles leans over his five bar gate and gives advice on any subject from farming (about which he knows little) to philosophy (about which he knows less). The image in a busy street is gently surreal, while the repartee is quick witted and hilarious.
Stilt Characters

Specializing in animating spaces, Artizani's stilted characters bring colour and humour to any space. You may meet Bugsy and Fingers the Chicago gangsters as they check you out and roll a few suckers. If it's disco you're after there are two John Travoltas suited up and ready to dance. Other stilt characters include The Pool Sharks, Two English Businessmen, The Doctors, or Frankenstein's Monster.

All these are fabulously costumed with props to match, and are played at a height of three meters. Artizani stiltwalkers have wide experience of festivals, stadiums and corporate functions.

Meet and Greet Characters

All Artizani performers are trained actors and specialize in adaptable and quick witted repartee. Over the years we have provided a huge range of walkabout and meet and greet characters, some of which we have in Wardrobe, others which can be made or hired at short notice.

These have included:
Bell Boys
Comedy Waiters
Angels and Devils
Comedy Chef
Bull and Matador
Commedia Dell Arte Characters
 Elizabethan characters
Restoration fops
Victorian Inventor
Big Game Hunter and Lion
Arctic explorer
Mad Scientist
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