“We very much like and appreciate the inventiveness and quality of your work”
Jo Sorotos, City of London Festival

“The reports I got back were rapturous, both from the staff and from conversations with the public”
Jonathon Holloway, former Festival Director the Royal National Theatre

“… (they)..were extremely well received by Canary Wharf shoppers, workers and visitors. They couldn’t fail to raise a smile from even the most depressed”
Mary Roberts Canary Wharf ltd

“As always your work goes down really well with the audiences and it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.”
Jeremy Shine, Director Streets ahead Festival

Lobster à la Cart

“thank u...lobster fab. Client over the moon.”
Text, Heather Scott, Winning Results in Retail

The Cherubs

    “…something extraordinary happened... With Gaulier-style relentlessness he pushed the moment as far as it would go then pushed some more. A perfect example of taking the moment when offered and using it to the full.”


Desert Island Discs

“..Artizani’s Desert Island Discs was everything that is good and right in street theatre. It features one man (the very able and entertaining James Macpherson), a mound of sand, a hammock strung between a couple of palm trees, and a mechanical lobster that refuses to be dinner. It’s a straightforward idea (and in street arts, the simple ones are often the best ones), the story of a castaway who starts the show determined to keep up standards with his silver service and champagne, waiting patiently to be rescued. Dressed properly for dinner, with stiff upper lip, he is keen to show that he can tame the wild. But of course nature bites back – there’s that dastardly lobster, for a start – and our hero turns Wildman by fits and starts, rather marvellously portrayed by his ever-growing beard (every time he beds down in his hammock he emerges with another hefty growth of hair). Stuff happens and eventually he gets rescued by helicopter – delightfully depicted by toy ‘copters on long rods, waving in the night air like fireflies.

As in his previous piece, Syrovy, Macpherson uses all the tricks of the trade in his telling of this simple tale: classic physical clowning that is on a direct line of descent from Keaton and Chaplin; amusing object manipulation; a minimal but very effective use of slack rope (walking between the palm trees); a clever choice of music; precise timing and confident enactment of the physical comedy gags. But the years of experience and the highly tuned skill shows most in the lightness of it all – he makes it look like anyone could do it, but in truth few can perform with such assurance, or entertain so well, in the public space.”

Total Theatre Magazine:
Volume 19, Issue 8, Winter 2007/8

Public Comments - 2013 tour of 6 Impossible Things
Alex very funny thanks. 

Max extraordinarily brilliant.

Karen. I forgot I was in a village hall, I was transported into a magical never never land where everything was possible!!
Daniel. Amazing show with an incredible ending – very funny

 Angela. Very entertaining!

Ray. Great show – more science would be great!

David. Good clean family fun! Very enjoyable!

Mandy Thomlinson. Six impossible things = two hours of fabulous fun and entertainment. Recommended!

Nigel and Tina. very very funny!

Karen . a very eventful evening. Much fun! Lighting/sound timed superbly for maximum impact. Thanks

Anita Day. I don't know how I'm going to describe or explain the evening - I can only say it was an experience and very entertaining.

Heather Hayward. Best night out that I have been to in our village hall....V. Funny.

Peter. Maureen, are you busy tonight? XXX smashing show, well done.

Sue Great to know where our money is going – well done the arts Council!! Encore!!

Brian. On the day when Hull was announced as the city of culture for 2017, this show demonstrates what should be achieved. A wonderful show. Brilliant use of technology.

Mike. First class. Technically brilliant.

Jane. Imaginative and v. Original

Foul and Derek. Very original and imaginative! Great entertainment. Loved the lobster!

Tina C. And co. We want to meet Maureen. Who is that guy?

Chertsey. We enjoyed illusion with the most interesting difference.

Joan and Peter. Pure entertainment. Didn't know what to expect – we were not disappointed.

The Lathoms. Great family fun for everyone well done.

Paul and Linda Barrett. Splendid entertainment. A wonderful surprise and an excellent evening out. Well done

Diana and Hamish Stuart. Unexpected! Very clever very amusing well done!

EVy and Nathan Oxbury. Fabulous, imaginative, creative and enjoyable – blows the X factor out of the water !!

Lady Emily loved the ending, quite surprising and the audience interaction, never a dull moment.

The invaders of Newbold. excellent show unbelievable good value how do they do it?

Barbara and Brian Kilnwick. Excellent entertainment, very different. Don't know how they do it. Well done.

Mona. Glad I came

Thomas,  age 9. The show was so amazing and I would recommend it everywhere.

Andy live theatre you cannot beat it. A delightful show.

Eloise and Hannah aged 15. It was so funny both of you are extremely talented. Even though the dolls a bit creepy ha ha. Fabulous show.


Wonderful entertainment – impossibly wonderful!
Fantastic show – a great evening!
A very varied entertainment!
Amazing, one of the best RTN I've seen, loved it!
The Ventriloquism was so scary! Wet myself, in a good way. Well done
I loved your show, funny, scary, everyone included, just the best there is really! XXX
Really witty and engaging. Good to laugh lots. Excellent
Very good show when are you coming again?
It was a very good show – greatly enjoyed – come to see you again!
Right tonight, enjoyed all of it!
Unexpected, to say the least! Excellent.
Delightfully different!
I would say that the show was "spot on"!
The best part was how you had the Men dancing in your hands. Come again soon.
Great show.
I love the silhouette part with the toenail clippings and the stretch exercise, really made me laugh out loud!
Animation in 2 D worked so well loved the opening looked like Tintin in Casablanca!
Very enjoyable for professional show.
Just love the lobster, two great guys to deal with glad they (you) liked the fish pie too
I wear a fez now… Fezzes are cool!
Fezzes are cool. Giant lobsters are cool. Old ladies with rearranged faces who were involved in a lobster thingy accident are cool.
Very good
Excellent – love the madness. Well done!
Excellent show – loved all the elements, illusions, music – what can one say "Magic" – thanks
Really enjoyed the show especially the bit with the silhouettes. Really funny, hope to see it again. Fezzes are cool Nathan
Impossibly entertaining! Thank you. Paula Horton
Brilliant! Love the lobster!!
Fabulous! Better than pantomime!! – Come again!
So refreshing – do visitors again

Public Comments - 2008 tour of Desert Island Discs

“Funny, interesting & original. Impressive tight-rope walking. Lovely event to bring the community together. Thankyou!”
Maneesha Weerasooriva

“How can we bottle what you do and transfer it to the classroom? Fully engaged children & adults for 40 mins + Fantastic. Skillful!!”
Marlene Wylie

“Some of the most impressive street theatre I have ever seen!”
Anne Heaven

“Hilarious and very imaginative. Oh, that the stuff on the telly were more like this….thankyou”
Alison, Ian, Amy & Suzi

“This show captured the imagination of young and old and held us all captive till the end”
Jeff Richardson

“Fabulous: Imaginative & much appreciated. More please, our two boys loved it”
Siobhan Fenton

“I never get nothing from the lottery but today I had 30 minutes of fun and humour thankyou x”
Wendy & Emily

“Little did we know what awaited us when we stopped for coffee. A lovely piece of old fashioned entertainment with lots of inventive use of props. EXCELLENT”
Janice, Maria & Bertie

“We (1 adult, 3 children aged 5-9) thought Desert Island Discs was superb entertainment – so good we watched it twice.”
Newton Burgsland

“Took us on a fantastic journey. Thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Oh wonderful, I quite forgot how old I was! I absolutely loved it. Aged 54!!”
Julia Davies

“Excellent! Don’t usually watch street theatre but you kept me engaged. Well done. Very inventive”
Joe Marnat

“Made my day! Great”
Steve Rowell

“Excellent performance. Superb ideas. Well good!”
Wynn Turner

“Better than Pirates of the Caribbean – Pure brilliant”

“Fantastic, I’m definitely coming back next time”
Kimberley Kennedy

“Better than the telly! Good use of public money. Come North!”
Alison Pearce (Newcastle on Tyne)

“A delightful, surprising treat. Great fun”
Martin Sandford

“Very well constructed, an excellent performance, funny interesting and entertaining. Good luck with everything, I know you won’t need it”

“Excellent! More like this please”
Dave Pratt

“Loved it. This is the sort of Street Theatre I Like!!”
J P Fellows

“Brilliant show. Very clever, skillful, surprising and funny. Hurray for Lottery Money!”
Louise Hall

“Excellent show, great comedy timing. Very entertaining for the people of Mansfield. Thankyou!”
A Simpson

“Best thing I’ve seen for ages”

“Extremely good. FANTASTIC Lobster effect. “What’s the next act”, my son says, “a giant squid?” Thankyou for putting colour and excitement into Mansfield town centre on a glorious summer’s day. Usually we travel far to see outdoor acting and scenery. Thankyou”
K & J Foote

“The Cabaret of Dr Caligari”

“The world premier of the Cabinet of Dr. Caligarie; James Macpherson has done it again, a new Street Theatre show.  Big and bold and ambitious!  With a cast of 7 comedians.  A collection of exotic characters perform cabaret routines, in a bizarre style that would have delighted the late Angela Carter.  James, the malevolent MC, bravely holds it all together. “
Mike Lister – Avanti Display
“Sunday reached a climax with the Cabaret of Caligari performed by local performers, and masterfully led by James Macpherson.  The cosmopolitan Mancunion proletariat enjoyed a kaleidoscopic programme of performance in this very Urban setting blessed by beautiful sunshine.  An end of the season treat.”

National Association of Street Artists Website - About platform 4 Piccadilly

Public Comments, 2009 tour of The Cabaret of Dr Caligari:

“A great afternoons entertainment in the park _ Thanks”
Ken & Euan Hall

“Superb, and for all ages too!”
David Kyle

“Great 2 ¾ hr show-you did well to keep up the momentum”
Emma Dawhurst

“I loved it, especially the knicker dance and the Irish dancing shoes!”
Ella Cody

“Best thing I’ve seen in ages, works on many levels. Good to see innovative use of traditional material!”
Iain McNeal

“’The Avant-Garde is over’ Berghaus is defiantly wrong! Absolutely fantastic performance & ensemble old, new contemporary, fitting, inspirational. Thank you!!”
Kat Ford

“Unique combinations, Thanks- Just great”
Joan & Martin Gilbert

“What a great show, even better than last Thursday scratch performance. Lovely having you at Lantern house + please come again”
Lynda Hebbert

“Hilariously funny. Very inventive concept. I laughed loads and loads”
Toby Nicholson

Melanie Frost

“Great eclectic colorful mix!”
Family Hateus

“Very enjoyable although sometimes scary for the ‘little’ audience”

“Totally enjoyable a well unique show to fit all ages-the music was excellent”
Audrey Murray

“Really entertaining & professional. Thank you for a fabulous afternoon!”
Nicola, Oliver + Hannah Latimer

“Great, Great, Great! Can’t wait to watch it again”
The Lawsons

“Absolutely fabulous. It was such fun to watch and I laughed a lot! 10/10 ? ”
The Little Fairs

“Awesome, Totally awesome!! Inspiring to hundreds of artists!! ”
Sam Armstrong of Circus Maximum

“Hilarious mime to hoops. Dark and convincingly scary. Great fun and great music. Brilliant! Inventive, funny, very original. Want to see more next year! Great energy, Well done!”

“Truly amazing, Absolutely Fantastic!”
Heather Youd

“Absolutely Marvelous performances in pouring rain. A Committed Company- To entertaining, truly professional”
Mrs. M. Fridd

“Fabulous show! Great cast of characters brilliant musicians. Kept going through the rain. Please give them lots of support so they can come back again”
Kate Reid

“Thanks for a great show- Do come back to Kendal it doesn’t always rain”
Rachel Zinkovic

“You were Brilliant! I loved the swords. How do you do it?”
Luca Rawlinson

“Wonderful! Laugh out loud funny, ha ha. We want more!”
Mele Finn

“I watched both performances, and was one of the dedicated few who hung around until the very end on Sunday afternoon when the rain was absolutely lashing it down!”Caligari" was a thrilling and wonderfully entertaining show, and I loved every minute of it. The performers and musicians all did superbly well coping with the wet conditions, and put on a fantastic show for all of us. Personally, it was the highlight of the whole festival for me.
Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved for a great show, and my best wishes too”

Stuart Atkinson
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