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Artizani’s classic street act – it has toured all over the world.

In constant demand for nearly twenty years and recently rebuilt, Syrovy has circled the globe from Singapore to Barbados and done every kind of event from the National Theatre to village fetes. The show is visually impressive but easy to accommodate and takes the traditional street act to another level.


Syrovy enters the space and everyday objects conspire against him: newspapers become sails, there is a waterfall of cutlery, he dances with chairs and clothes confound him.


Eventually, he ascends into sanity and finds balance on a wobbling, bouncing rope. Led by an eclectic soundtrack Syrovy travels through a succession of homages to his fantasy icons.

The show is inspired by the comic routines of Buster Keaton, Harpo Marx, Gene Kelly and Neil Armstrong and is both spectacular, and meticulously detailed.

“A beautifully constructed and executed solo show by James Macpherson that combines silent-movie clowning, acrobatics and slackrope walking to explore one man’s ambivalent relationship with everyday objects.”


- Total Theatre Magazine

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